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Viasat Nature is honest, passionate television brought to you by people on the spot, ready to capture the surprising, the inspiring and the mind-blowing places and creatures of our natural world.

We let nature tell its own inspiring story – beautiful and surprisingly raw, red in tooth and claw. Join the world’s leading presenters to be amazed by nature's compelling stories, told by the people on the ground, up close and personal so that the viewer can truly experience the world in all its glory.

The latest blue-chip series afford breathtaking sights from around the world (Great Barrier Reef, Earth's Great Seasons) while we also pay special attention to the latest environmental issues (Charlie Bee CompanyAfter The Wildfires – The Recovery Of Australia’s Wild, Under Siege – The Sharks of Ascension Island).

Viasat Nature is also home to a raft of educational programming, exploring the vast wilderness of our planet (Tibet: Roof of the World, Scandinavia's Hidden Paradises) as well as its endlessly fascinating history and evolution (Attenborough And The Mammoth GraveyardDinosaur Cold CaseWhen Whales Walked).

With much of our audience being pet owners, Viasat Nature also focuses on our relationships with our pets and their relationship with other animals (How Dogs And Cats Conquered The WorldDog's Best Friend) and we bring an ode to the many dedicated vets around the globe taking care and at times saving the lives of beloved companions and wild species alike (The Bizarre Pet Vets, The Elephant Hospital, The Yorkshire Vet).

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