Epic Drama

Epic Drama celebrates the most lavish and indulgent period drama series from around the globe. Stir emotions with gripping and emotive stories, brought to life by heroic performances of passion and betrayal, love and loss.

With storytelling at its heart, Epic Drama is dedicated to the very greatest international and acclaimed period drama series. Great stories from the past retold in a modern, compelling way. Tales brought to life of great events, great people and even greater drama.

Epic Drama offers an unparalleled variety of dramatic genres, including crime and mystery, classic literary, politics and power, historical, war, action adventure, real history and fantasy. This is drama made Epic.

Premiere titles include:

Powerful and racy British drama, Harlots, written by acclaimed playwright and screenwriter, Moira Buffini, the final season of Versailles, based on a world of power and betrayal, love, lust and declarations of war, brand new sci-fi series Project Blue Book with Michael Malarkey and Aidan Gillen and the network premiere of World On Fire, a heart-stopping, multi-stranded drama chronicling the first year of WWII, starting with the German invasion of Poland in September 1939 and ending with the Battle of Britain.

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