Viasat World has a rich and diverse portfolio of content brands - factual, entertainment, drama, and film.

Born out of a vast library of celebrated, contemporary programming, our core factual entertainment brands, Viasat Explore, Viasat History and Viasat Nature, deliver timeless real-life entertainment, bring history to life and tell nature’s own stories.

With Epic Drama, our premium drama channel, we celebrate the very best drama series from around the globe.

We entertain film fans with the greatest film line-up through our movie channels, Viasat Kino, Viasat World Kino, Viasat Kino Megahit, Viasat Kino Action and Viasat Kino Comedy.

With Viasat True Crime, step into a world where the shocking reality of true crime documentary meets compelling stories of true crime drama.


Factual Entertainment

Viasat Explore

Curious and adventurous... Exploring life on the edge

Viasat Explore celebrates ordinary people and their extraordinary stories from all around the world.

Viasat History

Bringing history to life!

A fresh look at history: the secrets of the past and how it defines us today.

Viasat Nature

We let nature tell its own story... In all its glory

You love it and you respect it, but just when you think you understand it, nature blows you away. We’re there for that moment.

Viasat True Crime

The only destination for a unique combination of true crime documentaries, crime-fighting reality shows, and true crime drama.


Epic Drama

This is drama made epic

Epic Drama celebrates the most lavish and indulgent period drama series from around the globe.

Viasat Kino

The very best of Hollywood direct to your living room

From the contemporary to the timeless, from comedies to action films, Viasat Kino brings together the greatest array of movies.

Viasat Kino Action

The biggest action movies with the biggest stars

Viasat Kino Action is a mainstream movie channel dishing up crime, fantasy, adventure, horror and thriller by the bucket load. You want action, you came to the right place.

Viasat Kino Comedy

The best international comedies and the biggest comedy stars, right here, right now

Viasat Kino Comedy is a mood-changer. It’s all about the funny.

Viasat Kino Megahit

If it's big, if it's a blockbuster, it's on Viasat Kino Megahit!

The greatest Hollywood hits, a perfect collection of world blockbusters, big film franchises, award-winning movies and timeless masterpieces.

Viasat Kino World

The best of independent cinema

Viasat Kino World is the home of celebrated movies from all around the globe.

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