Viasat World creative team takes home three Promaxbda Global Excellence Awards

15 June 2018

LONDON, 15 June 2018 – Leading international media company, Viasat World, has been awarded two Golds and one Bronze for its three nominations at the Promax BDA Global Excellence Awards. Announced at a ceremony that took place yesterday in New York, the awards celebrate outstanding achievement in entertainment marketing across every screen. The winning creative campaigns were for Royal Murder Mysteries, which won Gold for Consumer or Trade Campaign: Program and another Gold for Consumer or Trade Print Ad: Program, and in the same category Scrap Kings won Bronze - reinforcing best-in-class for Viasat World’s in-house creative team.

With all three of their nominations winning awards, Simon Mitchell, Director of Marketing, PR & Creative at Viasat World, comments: “I’m thrilled that once again our in-house team has secured us three Promax BDA Global awards. We pride ourselves on producing award-winning creative that brings our channels and programming to life in unique and inspirational ways.”

Viasat History’s Royal Murder Mysteries documentary series campaign, ‘Breaking the Silence’ achieved two Gold Promax BDA awards in Consumer or Trade Campaign: Program and Consumer or Trade Print Ad: Program category. ‘Breaking the Silence’ is the concept behind a series of portraits developed to promote the series. Entering the world of darkness and mystery behind some of history’s most controversial deaths, the campaign pictures individual royal murder victims bound to keep their silence behind imperial wax seals. As the witnesses speak, the seals crack, breaking their silence and revealing their long-kept secrets. A strong concept, outstandingly creative make-up, dramatic photography and bold simple layout made for a striking and effective campaign.

The print ad developed for Viasat Explore’s demolition and salvage reality series, Scrap Kings was awarded Bronze in the Consumer or Trade Print Ad: Program category. With an increasing amount of ‘men at work’ based factual programming both on Viasat Explore and its competitor channels, the creative team needed a campaign that would stand out and cut through. Pivoting off viewer recognition of the iconic ‘Iron Throne’ and mixing it with and a comedic twist, Scrap Kings was brought to life in a fun, surprising and truly original fashion. Taking a cue from the epic cinematography and atmosphere of Game of Thrones, awesome production design brought to life a court scene created almost entirely from junk with a charismatic scrap king at its centre.

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