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Viasat History inspires viewers with content that takes a modern look at history: well-researched programmes that challenge minds with intelligent, perceptive takes on the past, recounted by the most charismatic of historians.

Gripping true stories, captivating narratives... from the pampered lives of kings to the struggles of slaves and the great military campaigns of world history.

Our main focus is European history but we also venture to other parts of the world and to ancient times, revealing the secrets of the past and reinterpreting it in the light of contemporary events. 

We offer an unparalleled variety of factual productions with genres including Ancient History with The Story of Egypt, and Mary Beard’s Rome: Empire Without Limits; Military in WWII the Price of Empire; and Mysteries and Conspiracies with Medieval Murder Mysteries and Spymasters. Most recently, Empire Of The Tsars with historian Lucy Worsley was a gripping investigation of the 300-year reign of the Romanov dynasty.

We also feature top quality period drama, setting fictional content in a factual, historical context. Scripted dramas such as 37 Days - The Road to World War I, Jimmy McGovern’s convict drama Banished and the Emmy Award-winning Bleak House starring Gillian Anderson. Viasat History presents a fresh look at history, revealing the secrets of the past and how it defines us today.

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