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Viasat Explore is made of something more; we’re curious, adventurous and determined – exploring the new and unusual is what drives and excites us.

From the latest scientific breakthroughs to the everyday lives of engaging characters who do things just a little bit differently. We are curious about our world and the unique individual stories that make up the amazing achievements (big or small) of modern man. We admire those who do things just to see if they can and we thrive on their inspiration, passion and commitment. We know that every story is made of something more and our diverse range of programming brings fascinating and awe-inspiring tales to life every single day.

The Exclusive Premiere titles for Explore this year are all returning series – Timber Kings series 3, Coldwater Cowboys series 3, Prospectors series 4 and Jade Fever series 2.

Top rating series include Wicked Inventions, Polar Bear Town, Jade Fever, Timber Kings, Carver Kings, Prospectors and Cold Water Cowboys.

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