TV1000 Premium HD

 Smart, slick and above all contemporary, TV1000 Premium HD is proud to present award-winning and critically acclaimed titles - films that are recognised as instant classics. The channel celebrates the annual Oscars ceremony with special selections of Academy Award winners of recent years and boasts a strong inventory of films that have picked up awards and nominations across the world, be it the Baftas, Cannes or the Golden Globes.



 TV1000 Premium HD’s target audience is a mature one with a taste for movies offering deep insight into human nature and relationships from filmmakers with a distinctive auteur touch such as Woody Allen or Martin Scorsese, and for strong performances from A-list actors. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel and Whiplash are two of our finest.


 At the weekend it is very much a family-friendly channel, screening the best-rating animated films of the year such as Minions, Hotel Transylvania 2 and Home for the entire family to settle back and enjoy in the popular Family Strand slot.

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